I receive a good counterintuitive results wherein knowledge of birth control has worked once the a danger foundation to have adolescent pregnancy

I receive a good counterintuitive results wherein knowledge of birth control has worked once the a danger foundation to have adolescent pregnancy

This might be compared to new Which medical comment, hence showed that training associated with birth control was a protective grounds from adolescent pregnancy [9,10]. We offer around three you can easily causes in an attempt to appreciate this result. Basic, the new adjustable away from “knowledge of birth control” are a composite varying and an amount of “yes” out-of twenty-two binary issues which had asked, “Have you any idea (a specific contraceptive)?”. Regardless of if an adolescent woman answered “sure,” it can’t feel fully affirmed whether she realized the brand new birth-control approach or perhaps knew title. This changeable may not have properly explained an enthusiastic adolescent’s knowledge of reproductive health, which would become after attached to the succeeding you ilave bilgi can easily explanation. Next, intimately effective teens have obtained details away from birth control strategies but may haven’t thoroughly place them towards the behavior. Hence, their likelihood of being pregnant was indeed apparently higher, irrespective of the experience with contraceptive. Third, there clearly was a potential reverse causality between teenage pregnancy and you can studies from birth prevention. Because they’re expecting family, several tend to check out health institution to get understanding of birth control. That it, not, reasons a reverse causal pathway by which the outcomes varying (adolescent pregnancy) impacts the fresh new coverage (experience with birth control). Although not, due to the minimal research and you may instrumentation on the dataset, opposite causality was not checked-out.

Other than this type of possible causes, there was a physical aspect that give understanding of exactly how the brand new mental elements could be about the pit anywhere between education and practice. Notice advancement continues up until article-puberty before the mid-20 s . In early-mid-adolescence, new limbic system, and that governs award running and pleasure-trying to choices, develops before prefrontal cortex, and that regulation thinking and impulsivity. So it developmental difference throughout the very early-mid-puberty can make kids commonly react to make choices from the emotions more by the rationality [step three,41].


The present day investigation has numerous limitations. Earliest, by second data, several possibly extremely important data had been unavailable, such as cognitive information, people and you can social factors, study of adolescent guys, and country-certain variables particularly intercourse training, spiritual facts, otherwise social networking. While some ones details was indeed within new datasets, all of these details had more 20% missing studies. 2nd, due to the character of one’s cross-sectional study, (reverse) causality was not checked-out. Additionally, once the users was in fact 15–19 yrs old during if the DHS are adopted, we were struggling to include people that is pregnant afterwards in their adolescence. Third, raw Hours data were not always feasible become classified on father or mother construction, which the current presence of destroyed cases. Next, as adjustable “expertise in birth-control” is a compound directory, it may not echo really and idst these types of limits, the present day studies provides an extensive studies of the part out of mother or father framework towards the danger of adolescent pregnancy.

5. Findings

In the modern data, adolescents who live that have none father or mother, instance the individuals residing worst properties, was in fact seen to be a top-chance populace getting adolescent pregnancy on Philippines. Consequence of this study could be relevant to wellness professionals and you will policy-suppliers the exact same in publishing measures which can to take into consideration just how members of the family situations, including parent build, affect the danger of adolescent pregnancy.


We’re grateful to health experts inside adolescent health on Philippines, Friends Planning Team of the Philippines, Conserve the children Philippines, Agency out of Health Area six, Western Visayas Healthcare facility, West Visayas Sanitarium, College or university of Iloilo, Ateneo College out-of Drug and you will Societal Wellness-Ateneo Cardio getting Browse and Invention (Lourdes Sumpaico-Tanchanco and you will Geminn Louis C. Apostol), or other couples. As a result of Shingo Tamaki for assistance in the statistical and other analyses.