The brand new echo try to begin with Zen said immediately following reading Jumin

The brand new echo try to begin with Zen said immediately following reading Jumin

“I will inquire Secretary Kang in the future which help, cannot proper care.”, Jumin told you.“Unwell log off her to you, Jumin. We faith you.”

Zen moved among areas, per other with the second. Ha Eun performed build the fresh target in case there is emergency and pressed your to help you pledge not to ever come unless of course theres a bona fide crisis. Ha Euns health for now try Zens emergency.

She told your this lady father possessed an electronic digital store. But the guy never spotted him in person. Why is he bringing nervous?

The fresh new voice from steel trolley controls up against the concrete road try demonstrably read inside not too packed day. An old child was trying pick up certain packages you to appeared heavier. Instinctively, Zen rushed provide your a give.

Han, just what are your implying?

Zen noticed that he had gone step three packages off flat-screen Tv. He could be slightly heavy. Hold off, televisions? The guy moving exterior to check on the brand new target. It had been the same as the only authored on the Ha Euns notice.

Jaehee with many folders from the their hands banged on the apartment doorway. She never dropped by on Zens apartment, their idols flat. Shes sometime thrilled, but given Ha Euns health county immediately, she thought she shouldnt function as minimum excited.

“Mr. Han, your astonished me personally. Your told me in order to wrap up quickly and you can been right here.”, Jaehee told you.“Really, seeing Zen by doing this, We believed the requirement to hurry anything.”“Just how was she carrying out?”“Perhaps not a significant healing, not bringing tough sometimes.”, answered Jumin.

“You have got altered, Mr. Han.”“Exactly what do you suggest?”“First, you are never influenced by other peoples feelings. Second, if the you are on the clear mind, youll know that Zen are always go overboard with regards to Ha Eun.”, said Jaehee.“I guess Im seeking to be much more individual compared to robot that Zen always mock me personally since the.”“However, that is a alter, Mr. Han.”

“It is a lovers place.”, mumbled Jumin.“What? As to why?”‘You are sure that, like…. Is within the heavens….“»Mr. ”, Jaehee said resentful.“Little, merely commenting.”

“Zen constantly emphasizes their monster into the your and you may kinds regarding the chatroom before, however, thank goodness theyre gone today. Using a specific some body.”, went on Jumin.“Do we explore another thing, its their private lifetime anyway.”“Try not to you’d like to learn their idols individual lives?”“Goodness, zero.”, Jaehee said immediately.“I informed Ha Eun from time to time that i in the morning against life with her just before marriage.”“Yes, all the best, that have Zen specifically.”, Jaehee scoffs.“Better, since the largest challenge is finished, you want to move Ha Eun so you can an alternate apartment before Zen will get back.”

Jaehee worried about Jumin in the disbelief, the individual themselves appears to maybe not render a considered to exactly what he has said.

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“Now, if you are shes sick. If you want to beat the head so you can Zen, upcoming exercise. But because youll struggle to continue the firm and will getting leaving so much more work with myself, I need to say no.”

“Undoubtedly, Mr Han. Don’t you actually when deciding to take Ha Eun from Zen, unless you want to fall under health and you may die, for even worse.”

Zen seemed closely on child tidying upwards up to his shop. This really is they, the individual he was searching for, Ha Euns dad.

707 / Saeyoung

“ Jenna? Shes cool, Perhaps. Had a wicked sense of humor. Best for sparring having some body just like the chill while the Representative 707. “

  • Wants your sense of humor. Including yall probably get into some trouble together.
  • Finds out the antisocialness, a problem. Browsing irritate brand new crap regarding you, in all honesty, to make you chew your. he can gamble like that, tbh.