The Impact of Airdrops on NFT Collections & Optimal Exit Strategies

A prime example of a successful NFT airdrop is the mutant veils for BAYC holders. In this case, Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT owners received an exclusive drop from Yuga Labs’ second project, the Mutant Ape Yacht Club. As of November 2022, this complimentary airdrop for Bored Ape holders is valued at approximately $23,000. Although these airdrops are the most challenging to obtain, they tend to be the most lucrative. To simplify the process of calculating taxes on airdrops and other crypto transactions, you can use a tool like CryptoTaxCalculator.

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Using Figment’s protocols, token holders may study and monitor their tokens and make educated decisions. Figment aims to be a catalyst for Web3 innovation and growth.Blockdaemon Blockdaemon is a popular choice for anyone wishing to merge the benefits of modern staking with scalability possibilities. Luno is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers custodial wallet services and payment services.

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It is most commonly used to represent digital goods like art, music, and other digital items. When a firm does an airdrop, they are effectively giving away their tokens in order to generate interest in their product and raise the number of users on their platform. NFT Airdrop is an online marketing campaign in which a blockchain-based firm or project distributes its Non-Fungible Tokens to numerous people so as to promote or raise awareness about the project. Crypto airdrops are just one of the many ways Web3 projects have introduced novelties to the tokenomics models of startup projects. In fact, it has become commonplace now for firms to allocate specific amounts of tokens in the total supply for airdrops from the time of a project’s inception.

nft airdrops

On the bright side, numerous projects have distributed free NFTs valued at several thousand dollars or more. While these opportunities have become scarcer and more difficult to find as the NFT market faces challenges, they continue to exist for those who know where to look and how to seize them. Coinzilla Display Network Top free nft giveaway crypto & finance advertising network.A-ADS Crypto Ad Network The first crypto ad network on the market. The Flying Legion NFT collection consists of 5,555 basic-looking racing pigeons that users can breed to win prize pots. Furthermore, NFT holders can race their pigeons to win more prizes and get to the members-only portal.

The Impact of Airdrops on NFT Collections & Optimal Exit Strategies.

Due to the global pandemic, many BSC-related events have gone virtual. Attending these events can be a great way to learn about new projects and network updates directly from the source. Keep an eye out for virtual events hosted by the Binance team or other reputable organizations. NFT creators and investors stand a chance to nft airdrop earn rewards from various campaigns, including Sell-To-Earn and Buy-To-Earn, and earn rewards in Miidas tokens. Further, Miidas token holders are entitled to special discounts and privileges on the NFT marketplace. Exclusive airdrops are distributed to loyal holders or users of a cryptocurrency or blockchain-based community.

Can you airdrop NFTs for free?


One of the most common methods to get free NFTs is through crypto airdrops. An airdrop is a marketing campaign where a project distributes free tokens or NFTs to a specific group of people, such as users who hold a certain cryptocurrency or follow the project on social media.

We strongly recommend you to conduct your own research or consult a qualified investment advisor before making any financial decisions. We are not responsible for any loss caused by any information provided directly or indirectly on this website. Singapore, Singapore, 13th March, 2023, Chainwire BinaryX announced today the upcoming release of a space-building simulation game, Project… In order to organize an NFT airdrop, you have to develop an NFT collection. Afterward, you can submit an airdrop on specialized websites and promote it on various channels. Hala No Hata was developed on the Ethereum blockchain and is available on OpenSea.

NFT Traders Flex Their Blur Airdrops: Here’s Who Got the Most Tokens

We may also see the emergence of new cryptocurrencies with improved features and enhanced security measures. Vitalik Buterin’s intense focus and dedication, preference for structure, and innovative thinking have been critical in the development of the platform. While autism can bring challenges in social interaction and communication, in the case of Buterin, his communication style has been an asset in the development of Ethereum. The unique talents and strengths that autism can bring are a testament to the importance of diversity and inclusion in the development of technology. One of the hallmarks of autism is a strong focus on one’s interests and an ability to hyper-focus on a particular topic.

  • Perhaps the first ever crypto airdrop used Auroracoin, back in 2014.
  • This meant some users received as many as 128,000 BLUR tokens, tweets show.
  • Also you should always be aware of scams and make sure not to click suspicious links.
  • The other option is to purchase the mutant ape NFT directly from the secondary marketplace without going through the minting process.
  • VeeFriends holders get access to exclusive mini drops, including artistic collaborations, partnerships with games, and other NFTs with varying utility.

Overall, airdrops can be an excellent way to earn some additional income, utility, and assets without having to do much in return. In general, airdrops are considered to be a safe and effective way to market your brand and build community. However, that’s not to say that airdrops don’t come with some risks. There’s an extreme amount of scams in the web3 space, and any airdrop should be approached with caution and thoughtfulness every step of the way.

Silvergate, Signature Collapse Leaves Crypto with Few Bank Partners

Of course, quality airdrops are a great way to enhance an NFT project, but to use them effectively, you have to know how to deploy an airdrop. Apart from generating hype, some airdrops are rare and even super valuable (don’t worry, we’ll touch more on this later). This added value benefits not only the holder that’s receiving the airdrop but the community as a whole. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves because there’s much more to airdrops than just an NFT randomly showing up in your wallet and making you rich. Few things in the NFT space excite a community like an unexpected airdrop. BLUR shot as high as $5.02 per token when it first hit the market today, but fell sharply. Third-highest claimant (2.5M BLUR, or $1.5 million) show numerous interactions with the top wallet, including back-and-forth batch sales of various NFTs via Blur.